Day: October 4, 2021


We have been publishing the Greater Daytona Region Edition of EVOLVE since May 2016 becoming the premier business publication in Volusia County. When we launched EVOLVE, we were primarily a print publication. Today, we are a hybrid, providing digital and print versions of each issue, as well as additional content on our new website, […]Read More

Welcome Back! Tourism Puts a Bounce Back into Florida’s Economy

Florida depends on visitors staying in hotels, eating at restaurants and exploring the many wonders the Sunshine State has to offer. When the Covid-19 pandemic effectively shut down travel, the tourism industry braced for its biggest challenge ever. Once-bustling resorts were suddenly empty. Tourism-dependent businesses along Florida’s beaches and in other vacation spots either shut […]Read More

Ecotourism: learn as you explore the natural beauty of the

For years individual families would gather their belongings, get in the family car, head toward the highway, and make their way to Florida for an unforgettable fun family vacation. Children would constantly ask their parents along the way, “are we there yet?!” Most likely, these families were heading toward one of the traditional theme parks […]Read More

Exploring First Coast Culture and History

The First Coast region of Florida offers much more than opulent beach views and majestic palm trees. The area also boasts a rich history and a wide variety of cultural experiences perfect for visitors and residents alike. Flagler County and Palm Coast While beautiful Flagler Beach and its numerous restaurants and bars are an obvious […]Read More

Evolution and Revolution of Lodging On Florida’s First Coast

As society has adapted to what most would call a reorientation as a result of the global pandemic, members of the hospitality and tourism industries have taken notice. With COVID as a catalyst, people are adopting a carpe diem mindset, richly savoring each life experience, and rediscovering their passions, in many cases through travel. At […]Read More

LIVE, WORK, PLAY Concept: Bringing the PLAY side to life!

Cities across America have them, and they’re so well-known, they’re destinations unto themselves. From The Magnificent Mile in Chicago to Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles to Times Square in New York City, they’re places people want to be and be seen. Even locally, it’s Ormond’s Historic Arts District on Granada Boulevard and St. George Street […]Read More

The Road Ahead – Carol Dover, Florida Tourism Beyond the

Year after year, Florida remains one of the top national and international destinations for visitors. Not only does the Sunshine State boast more than 1,300 miles of beautiful coastlines and beaches, but we also have numerous attractions, theme parks, small towns, large towns and so much to offer our residents and guests. And we know […]Read More

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