Day: January 5, 2022

The right keywords can unlock business success

You’ve likely read the term “keyword” in the title of this article and have already fallen asleep. Twice. Wake up and hang in there because this is good stuff and well worth the read. I promise. The truth is that keywords can be confusing, and many business owners prefer to leave them entirely in the […]Read More

Taking the economy’s temperature more for form than substance

With the holiday season behind us and new year ahead, it can only mean one thing. Time for the economy’s annual checkup. Economists and market analysts are pouring over annual reports, year-end financial statistics and a cornucopia of data to take the economy’s temperature. Like the lab work and a battery of tests your primary […]Read More

EVOLVE editorial board member Mike Jiloty remembered

Michael J. Jiloty, a member of the EVOLVE Business and Entrepreneur Magazine editorial board, died Dec. 25 at the age of 69. Jiloty was born in Highland Park, Illinois, and grew up in the Glenview and Naperville suburbs of Chicago. As a teenager, he was a contributing photographer for The Naperville Sun and The Penfield […]Read More

Emilie Wren Arralis Technologies

Emilie Wren is vice president, U.S. Operations for Arralis Technologies, a leader in advanced millimeter-wave technology. The company operates in the communications, satellite, aerospace and defense markets with locations in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Daytona Beach Wren has been in the position for two years. What implications do you see for your organization resulting […]Read More

Jeremy Craig Copper Bottom Craft Distillery

What does your company do? Copper Bottom is a craft distillery that produces award-winning rum and vodka in Daytona Beach. What is your background and how did you get into the business? I have a background in chemistry and biology, and my father (and business partner) has a background in the brewing industry. We always […]Read More

IMAGES festival program offers new talent path to success

There will be something a little different at this year’s IMAGES: A Festival of the Arts. In a partnership with Daytona State College, festival organizers added the inaugural Trish Thompson Memorial Emerging Artists Program to the event, now in its 46th year. The program honors Trish Thompson, a local artist involved with the festival, the […]Read More

Did you know space is the next frontier for family

Did you know nearly 300 industries offer franchise opportunities? When it comes to innovative ways to attract visitors and Florida’s destination marketing organizations and tourism development offices, the sky is no longer the limit. In addition to miles of sandy beaches, natural wonders and theme parks, the Sunshine State is poised to become a hub […]Read More

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