Day: January 23, 2023

The Evolution of Pet Healthcare: New Tech, New Thinking

Pets are part of the family. And today, more pet owners will do all that they can to keep that ‘other’ family member as happy and healthy as possible. For the veterinary profession, new technologies, trends and treatments are continually being developed for a growing pet population. “There is a ‘human/animal bond’ between owners and […]Read More

Attentive Care Provides Comfort at the End of a Pet’s

Many agree that the recent pandemic helped refocus our hearts and minds on who and what matters most to us. As many people experienced tremendous isolation, loss or both, it is not surprising that pet ownership, and the use of pet care services, increased during the pandemic. Perhaps less noticeable has been the rise of […]Read More

Pets as a Perk? Create a Pet Policy to Keep

Ready to bring some paw-sitive vibes into the workplace? More companies are becoming pet-friendly as a way to keep employees happy and to attract new talent with a unique employee benefit. If you’re interested in becoming a pet-friendly office, there’s no better time than now. You’d also be joining the likes of companies like Etsy, […]Read More

Sit, Stay, Win: Best Paw Forward Talks Training

Sit. Stay. Win. Having a dog as part of the family is more involved than playing fetch or long walks. There’s a real business of pet ownership, and with canines, training is a big part of it. Many folks are signing up for classes to get their dog up-to-speed in obedience, including basic commands, as […]Read More

Community Service Is Good Business

Community Service Is Good Business Sophie’s Circle was founded in 2008 after founder Kathy Blackman stumbled upon a husky in a local shelter who was about to be euthanized that very day due to space issues. The dog was heartworm positive, so it was easier for the shelter to justify ending her life, even though […]Read More

From The Editor – Winter 2023

Listen to the Podcast For the love of pets! They surround us, hound us and remind us that unbridled love exists. Businesses have caught on to the love of pets, and that business is BIG! The business of pets in the USA is a growing $260+ billion industry, and Volusia County, like the rest of […]Read More

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