Day: April 14, 2023

Preparing Graduates for Green Careers Locally

The interest for green jobs is growing, and these colleges and university help meet the demand The demand for green jobs is growing, and with it, tools and training to meet the interest. A green jobs survey report from the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation says positions with a slant towards sustainability can be found […]Read More

3 Benefits and 6 Tips for Creating a Greener Workplace

Every company has the power to create positive change for the environment — no matter how big or small. It’s what many consumers want to see from the businesses they frequent, as well. Seventy-seven percent  feel it’s “extremely important” for businesses to operate sustainably, according to a Bentley-Gallup Force for Good poll. For businesses willing […]Read More

Growing Green: The Sustainable Future of Farming

How to provide enough food for a growing global population while maintaining the Earth’s natural resources is the single most important issue sustainable agriculture seeks to address. According to the USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture, the principles of sustainable farming include “satisfying human food needs” and, at the same time, protecting the environment […]Read More

From The Editor – Spring 2023

Listen to the Podcast Sustainability means many things to many people, but for businesses in our region, focusing on sustainability presents an opportunity to stand out from the rest and to map out a path to continuity and positioning for the future. There are some great examples of businesses doing just that in this issue […]Read More

The Ten One Planet Living® Principles

Created in 2003, the One Planet Living sustainability framework is designed to help organizations and communities around the world achieve their vision of a brighter, better future. The One Planet Living framework is used by various organizations and communities, including the New Smyrna Beach Area Visitors Bureau (NSBAVB), to achieve their sustainability goals. The framework’s ten […]Read More