3 Benefits and 6 Tips for Creating a Greener Workplace

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Every company has the power to create positive change for the environment — no matter how big or small. It’s what many consumers want to see from the businesses they frequent, as well.

Seventy-seven percent  feel it’s “extremely important” for businesses to operate sustainably, according to a Bentley-Gallup Force for Good poll.

For businesses willing to go green, it can be a big benefit to the company’s bottom line, too. A few benefits of company sustainability practices include slashed business costs, improved brand image and attracting talent — all while helping the environment, too.

Wondering how to make your workplace more eco-friendly? Read on for ideas and resources on how to start.

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Workspaces

When you incorporate sustainability practices into your business, you can make a difference to your bottom line, as well as the environment. 

Sustainable business perks:  

  • Reduced costs – By going green, you may save on electric costs. Contact your utility company and local municipality about rebates and tax breaks. You may also find buying simplified packaging and greener products have less waste, which means less going to the dump, a cost that’s usually calculated by weight.
  • Improved brand image – If your company has a firm stance on eco-friendly business practices and your team practices what you preach, it shows your company cares and upholds its values. Likeminded consumers are more likely to purchase from companies that have a reputation for caring about the environment, too.
  • Competitive advantage – Whether you’re automating HVAC systems to be more energy efficient or switching to more sustainable vendors, any way you can be actively eco-conscious gives you a leg up.

The bottom line is sustainable companies create an opportunity to earn more while improving efficiency and reputation and reducing negative impacts on the earth.

Eco-Friendly Workplace Ideas to Try

Ready to go green? Start with small steps and changes to make a difference. Aim for the low-hanging fruit to see how it goes. Once your company has mastered that, you can create a larger sustainability roadmap.

Some ideas worth trying:

  • Use energy-saving lights – Consider switching to energy-efficient lighting like LED light bulbs. The older incandescent bulbs can cost your business $100-plus annually in wasted energy, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council website.
  • Think reusable – In 2020 alone, Floridians produced 47.1 million tons of solid waste, according to Florida Organics Recycling Center for Excellence (FORCE). Keep plastics out of landfills by encouraging staff to use the provided reusable cups at work.
  • Keep recycling bins handy – Provide recycling bins for all offices and throughout your company’s building. Keeping it right next to the trash bin encourages individuals to make an eco-conscious choice.
  • Start compost – Have a compost bin for fruit peels, egg shells and other food waste — especially if your company has a community garden. Or, give it away to your office green thumbs to take home to enrich their garden soil.
  • Be mindful of printing – The paper production process uses large amounts of water and energy and includes the deforestation of valuable trees. When printing, try double-sided to save paper and energy.
  • Encourage carpooling – For colleagues who live close to one another, carpooling is a great way to build office relationships while also helping the environment. Cars create carbon dioxide, a known contributor to global warming. It also reduces the need for parking at the workplace.
  • Participate in community clean-ups – One team-building activity to consider is hosting a company-wide community clean-up event. Head to a local park, beach or even just outside the company doors to pick up trash along the roadways. Doing so keeps trash from polluting waterways and harming animals. Keep America Beautiful is an organization that helps inspire communities; check out their resources, too.

These are just a few of the ways to embrace sustainability in the workplace. It’s a great business practice that can spark change in your employees’ lives, too. Plus, the impact it has on the environment can’t be overstated; there is only one earth for us to live on!