5 Easy marketing tasks you can do today

You’re a busy entrepreneur, and your entire focus is on selling your products and services. Meanwhile, other business-related tasks have mounted, and you find yourself playing catchup only to feel you are lagging further and further behind. Sales have slowed, and you’ve neglected your marketing plan for quite some time.

All businesses are at risk for slow times, some longer than others. You must use this time wisely to continue working on your marketing plan so that slow times become fewer and farther between. Failure to do so could result in a struggle to recruit new leads.

Marketing your business is only as difficult as you make it. Just an hour a day spent on easy marketing steps can help you avoid dreaded, costly, slow times. Here are some simple tasks you can perform today from the comfort of your own home:

Social Media

Take time daily to connect with your customers via social media. Don’t leave them hanging! Take time to engage by commenting on posts, replying to comments, and asking questions. You must spend time interacting and engaging with your customers daily, maintaining open-ended conversations, always to be continued. Schedule social media posts in the first 10-20 minutes of each day and listen to your followers. This simple habit, when performed daily, is a powerful step to maintaining your social media presence.

Reach out

We’ve all heard it a thousand times: “If you want a friend, be a friend.” The same principle applies in business. If you want customers to reach out to you, you must intentionally connect with them. Remind them you’re still around. More importantly, remind them that they matter and you are thinking of them! Whether a quick phone call to a faithful client, a brief and heartfelt email message, or a special promo, don’t ever let your customers feel as though you’ve forgotten about them. Seek ways to offer your services by asking them if they’d like your assistance with anything. Remind them that you and your company are here for THEM!

Repurpose Old Content

While this sounds dreadfully boring, it is an excellent opportunity to refresh and or update your customers with interesting blog posts, enthusiastic videos, and helpful tutorials. There are endless opportunities for repurposing context in order to lend an authentic, fresh approach to client engagement, and it only takes a few minutes to do so!

Thank Your Customers

“Thank you for bein’ a friend!  Traveled down the road and back again…” Cheesy, but memorable and nothing will keep you in the minds of your customers more than taking the time to say “thank you.” Although we can’t recommend singing to them, a good, old-fashioned thank-you note or a simple “we appreciate you” goes a long way with customers who ultimately want to feel like people rather than dollar signs. Make time each day to thank customers for entrusting you with their business. After all, they can go ANYWHERE, yet they trust you! Their loyalty is the backbone of your business!

Email Newsletter

Regular monthly newsletters are an excellent tool for remaining in the minds of your clients. Your copywriter will know how to incorporate a “subscribe” option for interested consumers. Your newsletter could easily entice readership by adding a simple promo or coupon code in order to spur customer engagement. Consult your copywriter regarding topics and ideas for a weekly newsletter and prepare to be amazed at the results!

Jason Johnson is “chief marlin” at Marlin Consulting Solution in Jacksonville. The Marlin team is made up of experienced, friendly online professionals with knowledge of website design, software development, content writing, local and national SEO, online marketing and social media.