The future direction of the City of Palm Coast will be decided by a small fraction of our community on the evening of Tuesday, July 27, 2021.

The Palm Coast-Flagler Regional Chamber has created a non-partisan questionnaire and asked each candidate for Mayor to provide their answers. Once we received their responses, we posted them, unedited, on our webpage With six candidates running for office, the Chamber wanted to make it easy to research the candidates’ positions on the issues that matter most.

Special Elections generally have significantly less voter participation than standard August Primary and November General Elections. With fewer people voting, the power of your voice is even more amplified. Visit to find the candidate that best supports your interests and values and make a plan to vote early (beginning Saturday, July 17), by mail or on Election Day (Tuesday, July 27, 2021).

Below is a short analysis of why this Special Election matters:

  1. Currently, the five-person Palm Coast City Council is essentially deadlocked with 2-2 votes, after the resignation of former Mayor Milissa Holland. The newly elected Mayor will be the deciding vote on many important issues that will impact both your bank account and quality of life. Perhaps the biggest impact of our soon-to-be-elected Mayor will be the leading the selection and hiring of Palm Coast’s next City Manager, who is responsible for running the day-to-day operations of the city.
  2. A good City Manager can help significantly improve a community, whereas a poorly performing City Manager can lead to economic stagnation, wasted spending and strained relationships with the public.
  3. Furthermore, the Palm Coast City Council has become dysfunctional recently, with council members hurling accusations, speaking in disrespectful tones and on multiple occasions yelling at each other during the public meetings. Many residents believe our city is viewed in a negative light and that the incidents are a public embarrassment.

Palm Coast needs more residents showing up at the polls, not less. Please make a plan to vote in the upcoming Palm Coast Mayor Special Election. Finally, we urge you to review our easy to operate candidate questionnaire webpage at

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