Another survey… [sigh]

Ever wonder how community leaders decide where to build a new park, or which services to improve? Often the answer lies in something as simple as a survey. But who likes taking a survey? Nobody (unless we have something we want to get off our chest, of course). But when we take a few minutes to complete a survey, we are providing essential feedback that can help shape our future. Think of it as our chance to have a say in the decisions that can impact our daily life.

That’s exactly how the website and the Funding Readiness Center were created. Both were identified as needs through a survey. The community sent a clear message: business-servicing resources have to be more visible, and financial support programs need to be enhanced. So, community business partners got together and quickly developed and launched the website to address the awaresness need. Next, the partners assembled a team of financial professionals who created the Funding Readiness Center, a financial resource to simplify the process of navigating commercial funding options and loan approvals.

So yes, surveys do work (at least ours do). Guess what? We need your help again. We are  conducting a new survey. This time our goal is to identify a specific need in our business community. By contributing your candid input, data gathered from the 2024 VBR Annual Survey will help us  develop programs for your business.

So, how about it? All business owners, whether a home-based sole proprietor or a large company, please take the (short) survey:

Let’s work together to continue to strengthen the business ecosystem in Volusia County. Your input matters!