DAYTONA STATE SPORTS – Wins on the Field and in

It might not be Tuscaloosa, Alabama on a football Saturday, but intercollegiate athletics at Daytona State College are helping push a blue and white tide of success. That success comes on the field – with the women’s golf program winning 10 National Junior College Athletic Association national championships over two decades – as well as […]Read More

Tourism industry fuels the economy – and careers

Tourism industry fuels the economy – and careers For many people, the biggest effect of tourism, seemingly, is seeing more cars on the road with out-of-state license plates. It can be hard living in the middle of someone else’s vacation. While tourism may impact a community’s quality of life, it has an even greater impact […]Read More

Welcome Back! Tourism Puts a Bounce Back into Florida’s Economy

Florida depends on visitors staying in hotels, eating at restaurants and exploring the many wonders the Sunshine State has to offer. When the Covid-19 pandemic effectively shut down travel, the tourism industry braced for its biggest challenge ever. Once-bustling resorts were suddenly empty. Tourism-dependent businesses along Florida’s beaches and in other vacation spots either shut […]Read More

Explore More About Mary Mcleod Bethune

Interest in the life and legacy of Mary Mcleod Bethune has increased since the educator and civil rights activist was selected to represent Florida in the National Statuary Hall. A documentary film about the statue project is currently in production and a school curriculum is being developed for middle-school students to learn about Dr. Bethune’s […]Read More

For monetary policy, slow and steady wins the race

For monetary policy, slow and steady wins the race Economic observers and Federal Reserve Board critics could take a lesson from the story of the tortoise and the hare. While a turbulent pandemic economy has led many to wish for a quick fix, the central bank’s deliberate approach to interest-rate decisions and other monetary policy […]Read More

Journey To Statuary Hall

1. First Steps In March of 2016, Gov. Rick Scott signed a law to replace the statue of Confederate Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith, which had been donated to the U.S. Capitol for display in Statuary Hall in 1922, with a new “Great Floridian.” The search for a new sculpture was conducted by the Florida Department […]Read More

Racing to the Future NASCAR embraces innovation as a key

Driving around in circles seems like a simple enough task, but for officials at NASCAR there are always new ways to get to the checkered flag. And that means innovation. In fact, it can be argued that the very creation of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing was itself an innovation. While people […]Read More

Innovation is more than the big ideas

Innovation is more than the big ideas Grow or die has been the mantra for business success for a long time. But in the 21st Century, innovate or die may be the new watchword. With its connection to high-tech applications and cheaper, faster and better consumer goods and services, innovation is on everyone’s mind and, […]Read More

The Myth of the ‘New Normal’

The Myth of the ‘New Normal’ After the experience of 2020, there has been a lot of talk about a “new normal.” Strictly defined, a “new normal” is when an atypical or unfamiliar situation becomes the standard. But in a global economy what is normal today may not be normal tomorrow. Economic historians are likely […]Read More

Zooming into the future

Whether it’s called work from home,  remote work or telecommuting, the ability to connect to anywhere from anywhere has changed the way businesses, governments and people shop, pay bills or do their jobs. And the experience of many during the Covid-19 pandemic put to rest once and for all the idea that remote workers were […]Read More