Timeless Craftsmen and the Art of Boat Building

Timeless Craftsmen and the Art of Boat Building The art of shipbuilding has taken on many forms and advances over the millennia. From the ancient Egyptians traversing the Nile River to new world colonists navigating the Port of Boston, our fascination with being on the water has never waned. While we no longer bind reeds […]Read More

Better Than Baywatch: Performing at the Highest Levels

Better Than Baywatch: Performing at the Highest Levels As Volusia County’s beaches welcome spring break, bike week and summer crowds, Chief Andrew Ethridge is the epitome of calm professionalism. Serving as the director of Volusia County’s Beach Safety Division, his top priority is ensuring his team is focused on the safety of the 11 million […]Read More

Area Community Colleges Adapt for Student and Business Success

Florida has made higher education a priority, earning accolades as the No. 1 state in the nation over the past few years. Launching the “Get There Florida” initiative in 2020, supporting enrollment in the state’s career and technical education programs, colleges have seen an uptick in funding and the welcome addition of 54 new industry […]Read More

How Sweet It is: The Business of Love

How Sweet It is: The Business of Love Despite the turbulence of the past two years, the $51.2 billion wedding industry is regaining its footing by adapting––offering micro-weddings and buddymoons and helping couples prioritize what’s important on their wedding day.  Florida ranks second overall in the nation for weddings, and in 2020 there were 3,082 […]Read More

Leveraging the Business of Events for Success

Leveraging the Business of Events for Success Not only is Daytona home to ‘The World’s Most Famous Beach,’ but it’s also home to some of the world’s most famous events, and businesses of all sizes have benefitted from their presence. Few signature events are so well known that they don’t require a point of reference, […]Read More

The Changing Face of Healthcare

Healthcare continues to rapidly evolve as a discipline on a global scale, and providers of health care are transforming themselves to become more patient-centric, community conscious and service focused. In Northeast Florida, the healthcare industry is not only expanding deeper into communities to ensure everyone has access to the highest quality of care, but they’re […]Read More

Foresight: Investing in the Future of Healthcare Infrastructure

SPONSORED CONTENT “The aging U.S. population is likely to be the source of unprecedented healthcare spending over the next decade. The average healthcare expenditure per year for the 65-and-older population is $6,620, nearly double the average for the rest of the population ($3,400), according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.” – https://www.rpcpropertytax.com/archives/aging-u-s-population-expected-to-drive-demand-for-medical-office-space/ The facts […]Read More

TEED UP FOR SUCCESS – The Meyers Family Builds a

n the $440 billion global sports industry, there is an activity to meet every fitness level and interest. From amateurs to seasoned pros, golf ranks as one of the top 10 most popular sports, generating more than $84 billion in annual revenue according to Forbes. Whether it’s making a deal, building a relationship or just […]Read More


From French monks batting the ball around with their hands in the 12th century to the first game of tennis at Wimbledon, racquet sports have long enamored athletes and spectators of all ages with their fast-paced games and competitions. With the evolution of racquet sports has come one of today’s hottest trends – pickleball, a […]Read More

Evolution and Revolution of Lodging On Florida’s First Coast

As society has adapted to what most would call a reorientation as a result of the global pandemic, members of the hospitality and tourism industries have taken notice. With COVID as a catalyst, people are adopting a carpe diem mindset, richly savoring each life experience, and rediscovering their passions, in many cases through travel. At […]Read More

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