Can Artificial Intelligence Lead to Real Profits?

How do you feel about integrating Artificial Intelligence into your business? Is AI something that is “nice to have” or is it essential to your business?  It wasn’t long ago that businesses large and small depended on computers to do the work. When we think about AI, we may dismiss the idea that AI in […]Read More

Take the time to protect your business from scammers

Take the time to protect your business from scammers You’ve worked hard to build your small business and invested your personal funds. You’ve hired and trained your staff, created your website and social media strategy, set up your bank accounts and lines of credit, selected your suppliers and product lines and applied for your business […]Read More

Planning is essential to success

Planning is essential to success We’re certainly happy that 2021 is behind us. Many businesses faced significant challenges – staffing, increased costs, loss of sales, reduced supply and demand and an uncertain future. As we enter 2022, hopeful that our business will return to some degree of “normal” and staffing problems will be just a […]Read More

Joe Roy Coastal Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute

Why do professional sports teams, with the best athletes in the world, spend time developing a game plan for each game played, yet many small businesses invest their life savings to live their dream with no plan? It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that 20% of all small businesses fail in their first […]Read More

Beating the Odds – Building a Business that Lasts

For Entrepreneurs, the dream of owning your own business is exciting. You have great ideas, see opportunities to earn an income, have the time and courage to make your own decisions,  and have a desire to make a difference in your community! No one starts a business thinking it will fail, yet according to the […]Read More