Adaptive Reuse: Transforming Commercial Space for the Modern Era

The Daytona Aquarium and Rainforest Adventure is making a splash in Volusia County! But when you think of an aquarium, you think of big animals, and that requires a big footprint. Luckily, the business didn’t have to start from scratch. Instead, they used a practice the real estate industry calls adaptive reuse. Rather than build […]Read More

Parenting Together: The Benefits of Supportive Services

As a first-time parent to a one-year-old, I can personally attest to the endless questions that come with raising a baby. And depending on who you ask or what website you reference, you’re bound to get conflicting information, especially now with the countless amounts of information and “must-have” products on the market. While this is […]Read More

Smart Marketing: How AI is Transforming the Industry

We’re all familiar with SPAM emails and pop-up ads trying to sell you products and services that are often of no interest to you. But perhaps you’ve noticed that more recently, those ads are a bit less obnoxious because they’re more relevant. You might have even clicked through for more information. That, my friends, is […]Read More

Charting New Frontiers, Space Transportation in Focus at Embry-Riddle

[wp_ulike style=”wp-ulike-pro-default”] The global space economy revenue is expected to exceed 400 billion dollars in 2023, with segments ranging from TV, radio and broadband services to satellite and earth observation services. And where the government was previously the primary player in space efforts, commercial and private entities are rapidly growing, increasing access to the field. […]Read More

From Side Gig to Small Business: How One Local Entrepreneur

[wp_ulike style=”wp-ulike-pro-default”] When Nicole Damico started pet sitting in 2016, she saw it as a fun way to make some spending money in addition to her full-time job in medical billing. Fast forward to today, and Damico’s company, Keys and Collars, employs 25 team members and provides pet-sitting services for over 475 clients through Volusia […]Read More