Professionals Redefine Career Trajectories

“Time may change me, but I can’t trace time.” Those immortal words from the late David Bowie some 50 years ago have not only stood the test of time but may be more relative now than ever before when it comes to the workplace and the way Americans navigate their respective career landscapes. With a […]Read More

College to Careers – An Intern(al) Investigation

The word internship can mean many different things to many different people, especially as it pertains to the generational stigma that individuals may have to associate with their personal experience working as an intern. But as one takes a deep dive into the internship experience in its current state, many students of yesteryear, who may […]Read More

Dog Days of Work? A Business Owner’s Guide to Employee

With a growing number of pet-friendly supermarkets and restaurants to specially-themed businesses such as Good Times Dog Bar in Flagler Beach that caters specifically to dog owners and their four-legged friends, it goes without saying that a growing number of businesses have adapted to modern times – times when pet owners may be enticed to […]Read More