Developing in Debary: Future Growth Strategies

DeBary, the gateway to southwestern Volusia County, is a growing city along the corridor between Daytona Beach and Orlando. More than 23,000 folks call DeBary home, and the city is home to businesses, the arts, recreation, history and more here on the northern shore of the St. Johns River. And although this 25-square-mile community has […]Read More

Inspiring Success in theNon-Profit Sector

With art programs for youth and adults, exhibitions, classes, events and more, First Coast Cultural Center is a cultural hub for northeast Florida. Established in 1996, the center moved in December 2023 into a new two-story, 6,000-square-foot home with a $2.2 million purchase price. Operating a non-profit like First Coast Cultural Center is not for […]Read More

How AI is Revolutionizing Tourism

It’s two letters that have been getting a lot of attention lately: AI. AI, or artificial intelligence, is a broad term that refers to machines or computer systems performing tasks that normally require human intelligence. Think reasoning, learning, understanding language, recognizing images and solving problems.  It’s used in health care, education, entertainment, finance, agriculture and […]Read More

Using AI Applications to Thrive in the Digital Age

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is a term pulled from today’s headlines. And while many are talking about its use in industries from arts and entertainment to healthcare, media, and retail, there are also practical applications that are affordable and easy for businesses of all sizes. “AI is like this super-smart assistant that never sleeps,” says […]Read More

Preparing Graduates for Green Careers Locally

[wp_ulike style=”wp-ulike-pro-default”] The interest for green jobs is growing, and these colleges and university help meet the demand The demand for green jobs is growing, and with it, tools and training to meet the interest. A green jobs survey report from the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation says positions with a slant towards sustainability can […]Read More

Sit, Stay, Win: Best Paw Forward Talks Training

Sit. Stay. Win. Having a dog as part of the family is more involved than playing fetch or long walks. There’s a real business of pet ownership, and with canines, training is a big part of it. Many folks are signing up for classes to get their dog up-to-speed in obedience, including basic commands, as […]Read More

A Shift to the West: Deltona’s Growth Has Ignited the

West Volusia continues to grow, first on an economy and lifestyle centered around agriculture that the rich farmlands provided and now through economic development. Perhaps no city in the area showcases that surge more than Deltona. It began as a planned residential community called Deltona Lakes in 1962 and was primarily a commuter town to […]Read More

Happy and Here to Stay – Starting and Maintaining a

Happy and Here to Stay – Starting and Maintaining a Successful Business When coal goes through tremendous pressure, a diamond emerges.For two Volusia County couples, the desire to change and the pressure it created forged two successful businesses. It was at the height of The Great Recession in 2009 when LaToya Carey, who was in […]Read More

One Badge. Limitless Opportunities.

One Badge. Limitless Opportunities. One Badge. Limitless Opportunities. That’s the promise Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood made in early 2021 when his department’s new training academy was announced–– in large part to address the challenge of filling vacancies. For decades, the Volusia sheriff’s office has relied on outside institutions to provide basic law enforcement training […]Read More