West Volusia’s Surging Growth Sparks Opportunity

For years, Daytona Beach was the hot spot in Volusia County. That’s all changing, though. As big businesses and developers come in, growth is stretching even more into West Volusia these days. With different housing opportunities and an award-winning main street and trail system, word is out that Volusia is the place to work, play […]Read More

History Unveiled

Fort Mose May Be St. Augustine’s Best-Kept Historic Secret While the area may be best known as America’s oldest city, just as fascinating are some of the lesser-known historic sites — like Fort Mose. The site — just two miles north of St. Augustine — is where the first legally sanctioned free African settlement was established by […]Read More

Finding Fort Mose

Locals and travelers alike praise the hidden gem that is Fort Mose Most would agree that if there’s one Florida historic area that best showcases our nation’s progress and rich history, it’s St. Augustine. But for an even deeper look at narratives of freedom and bravery, there’s nothing more intriguing to explore than the often-overlooked […]Read More

Harnessing Technology for an Active Aging Experience

The Best Tech Tools to Help Seniors Age in Place In one recent study of 1,000 respondents aged 55 or older, 89% of participants said they wanted to age in place at home versus seeking traditional senior living homes. Yet, the same Today’s Homeowner study shows that only about 34% are confident they can afford […]Read More

Companies Providing Compassionate Care Across Ages

How two companies care for the area’s most precious populations Every time a child comes to Kids Cabana Learning Center, it’s as if a new family member has joined. “We are family,” says Michelle Bondi, founder of Kids Cabana Learning Center in the Daytona area. She counts herself lucky in an economy rife with employee […]Read More

How Businesses are Adapting to Tomorrow

Florida isn’t just a destination for snowbirds and tourists. It’s also where businesses are planted and flourish. Recently, The Digital Project Manager  released a report, and Florida ranked number one for the most entrepreneurial state. Since 1998, Kim Fitzgerald, creative director of Curleytail Design, Inc., an advertising agency, has watched her business evolve over the […]Read More

Evolving Business: Human Connection is Still at the Core

“It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.” Charles Darwin famously made the above statement. While it applies to humans, that mindset equally applies to business. There’s no doubt about it — business structures are evolving. Thanks to the pandemic, entrepreneurs shifted quickly into organizational […]Read More

How AI is Transforming Art

“Nobody paid attention to artificial intelligence (AI) until ChatGPT was released last year. I think there will be uses for [AI] in art that we can’t conceive right now. I think there is concern about whether AI will be writing books or plays. It’s not going to go and write a book itself. As for […]Read More

From Data to Diagnosis: AI in Healthcare

Imagine sitting with a loved one who suddenly experiences a drooped smile, unintelligible speech and numbness down their arm, face, or leg. When this happens, calling 911 immediately is a must as these often indicate stroke symptoms — a terrifying condition where brain cells start to die in mere minutes. Luckily, if the call is made […]Read More