Millennials on the Move: Get to Know Three Impactful Young

Millennial leaders are stepping up to make a significant impact on their communities. These professionals are redefining what it means to lead, bringing fresh perspectives and a steadfast commitment to their roles. EVOLVE Magazine takes this opportunity to shine a light on some inspiring Millennial leaders who are not only excelling in their respective fields […]Read More

Breaking Ground: Fort Mose Reconstruction Project On the Cusp of

“Fort Mose is more than the building. Fort Mose represents the people…a diverse group of men, women and children who came to this place to carve a life for themselves out of this wilderness.” -Alma Melvin, Fort Mose Historical Society Re-enactor   Jan. 19, 2024, will go down in St. Augustine’s modern history as a […]Read More

Gastronomic Revolution: Exploring the Next Wave of Culinary Trends in

As recently as Q4 of 2023, the dining industry continues to cope with workforce stability challenges. The high demand for food delivery has also necessitated adaptation from restaurateurs. Evolve Magazine checked in with a few First Coast restaurants to discern what has helped them adjust to unique demands and staffing trends. Treylor Park is a […]Read More

From Combat Boots to Business Suits

Approximately 200,000 military service members transition to civilian life every year. They often find themselves in a unique predicament after completing their military careers. Namely, how will they transition back into the civilian workforce? Finding gainful employment is an integral part of the road back to the lives they once knew before their service. This […]Read More

AI Trailblazers Redefining First Coast Start-Up Ecosystem

When was the last time you used a search engine or sent a text message using dictation? Do you have a virtual assistant? How often does your phone scan your face? These tools are expressions of machine learning, or artificial intelligence. AI has become relatively omnipresent in business operations. Still, there seems to be a […]Read More

Smart Marketing Strategies: How AI is Redefining Audience Targeting

So, you work in marketing, and you need a competitive edge while chasing the best possible business results. You have a team of creative professionals adept at personalizing campaigns to target the right audience. But legacy tasks can be daunting and time-consuming. This is why AI automation is being harnessed to ensure that pertinence and […]Read More

A “Kick” in the Grass: Soccer Comes to the Region

The First Coast may be in the throes of an athletic renaissance of sorts. A grassroots movement is opening a myriad of doors of economic opportunity as it fosters a sense of community and collaboration. When you think of our region in terms of sporting events, which games come to mind? Soccer should be high […]Read More

Gen-Z Goes to Work

Today’s workforce is in the throes of quite a shift. As one ancient adage says, “a generation is going, and a generation is coming.” The Pew Research Center defines Generation Z (or Gen-Z) as anyone born after 1996 who is not currently older than 24 or 25. How do employers made up of Millennials and […]Read More

Business Ownership Through the Lens of First Coast Youthpreneurs

It has been observed that high school and college-aged students are now weathering particularly mounting pressures to decide which career path to choose in life. Who will hire them? Will they be able to afford rent and perhaps eventually a mortgage? In the face of this uncertainty, young business owners have become notably creative during […]Read More