Celebrating Family, Aging, and Life’s Journey

Our editorial board had a heartfelt exploration into the world of family, aging, and the experiences that shape our lives. In this issue, we look for profound stories which celebrate success and share an aged diversity of needs filled by local businesses. Dunn’s Attic, a place where craftsmanship, quality, and tradition converge. Anyone who has […]Read More

From The Editor – Fall 2023

Artificial Intelligence…how many of you are using it to make your life’s work more efficient?  I recently planned a trip to New York City with AI.  I wrote a prompt with arrival and departure times, hotel location, restaurants I wanted to try and sightseeing desires and in thirty seconds it kicked out the most efficient […]Read More

From The Editor – Summer 2023

Transportation! Do you cringe at the word or think about the wide-open spaces? Transportation is a hot topic everywhere you go! The editorial board had fun with this topic because there are so many different ways to look at transportation in Volusia County. Location is the first thing that comes to mind. It’s clear from […]Read More

From The Editor – Spring 2023

Listen to the Podcast Sustainability means many things to many people, but for businesses in our region, focusing on sustainability presents an opportunity to stand out from the rest and to map out a path to continuity and positioning for the future. There are some great examples of businesses doing just that in this issue […]Read More

From The Editor – Winter 2023

Listen to the Podcast For the love of pets! They surround us, hound us and remind us that unbridled love exists. Businesses have caught on to the love of pets, and that business is BIG! The business of pets in the USA is a growing $260+ billion industry, and Volusia County, like the rest of […]Read More

From The Editor – Fall 2022

From The Editor -Fall 2022 Listen to the Podcast The envy of towns across central Florida, the west side of Volusia County has a lot to offer.  From hidden gems, like the city of Astor, to the more well-known city of Deland,–this issue is all about the west side.  Astor was founded as a respite […]Read More

From The Editor – Summer 2022

From The Editor – August 2022 Our friend Big John always said Volusia County’s greatest export was our children! So true, but here in the “Great Reflection,” we are learning that the purpose we crave can be found right here in Daytona Beach and Volusia County––hence our focus on Recruiting Young Talent. As Robin King […]Read More

From The Editor – May 2022

From The Editor – May 2022 Seventy-one percent of the Earth is covered by water. Some of us take living in close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, the St John’s or even a pond for granted, but water has had a profound history and impact on the business landscape of Volusia County. In this salute […]Read More

From The Editor

From The Editor Events! They are everywhere and can be used for all kinds of causes, from raising money for the local community to drawing hundreds of thousands of like-minded people to enjoy music, art and racing; the list goes on and on. One thing is clear, if your business isn’t leveraging events, you are […]Read More

Editor’s Letter

Author Chet Holmes helped me understand the allure of sports––the simple act of one using his or her mind and body to compete to win. It’s this internal desire to win that draws us, as players and spectators, to embrace our competitive nature and bond with others who feel the same. That said, there are […]Read More