City of Palm Coast Identified as Premier Location for Sports Complex

City of Palm Coast Identified as Premier Location for Sports Complex

The City of Palm Coast is pleased to announce the successful completion of the sports feasibility study, marking a significant milestone in the city’s ongoing efforts to enhance community amenities and stimulate economic growth. Set in motion in 2022 through the Strategic Action Plan process, the study sought to assess the viability of a proposed sports complex, considering factors such as economic impact, community engagement, and potential benefits for residents and visitors alike.

The comprehensive presentation was reviewed by the City Council on Tuesday and includes a regional gap analysis comparing similar facilities across the Southeast. The study is a crucial component of the City Council’s decision-making process regarding the development of this substantial community asset.

Acknowledging the growing need for recreation amenities as Palm Coast experiences smart-managed growth, the City Council approved the Parks Master Plan on December 5th. This plan outlines goals and strategies for the development of facilities that not only meet the demands of the expanding community but also position Palm Coast as a destination for sports enthusiasts, events, and tournaments.

The proposed sports complex, set to be located on the currently undeveloped western extent of Palm Coast, encompasses 112,000 square feet of indoor facilities with basketball courts, volleyball courts, multipurpose rooms, and support space. Outdoors, the facility would be comprised of 16 synthetic turf fields, four natural grass fields, five support buildings, and a court for food trucks. This future venue has the potential to serve as an economic catalyst for the prosperity of Palm Coast, attracting visitors and creating sustainable revenue streams.

City Council continues to prioritize economic development as a key driver of prosperity for the community. To achieve this, alternative funding sources are being explored, including grants, partnerships, and collaborative initiatives that align with the city’s priorities. The goal is to identify sustainable revenue streams without competing with private businesses.

The city is strategically working on various initiatives to make the sports complex a reality, including seeking private funding. Several companies have an interest in helping build, manage, and fund these types of projects. The City Council gave consensus to collaborate with these entities to bring this vision to fruition in Palm Coast.

Efforts are underway to secure a location for the sports complex on the undeveloped west side of the city. Discussions with the landowner are progressing, and a spot on the loop road extension is being marked out. This approach allows for concurrent construction with the road extension, spurring commercial, retail, and additional businesses without causing traffic constraints on the current infrastructure.

Considering the economic impact of the proposed sports complex, studies indicate that the high volume of traffic passing through Palm Coast on I-95 makes it an ideal location for attracting sports groups. By hosting tournaments and events, Palm Coast aims to capture the attention of these groups, who currently travel to other destinations such as Central and South Florida.

The economic impact of the sports complex extends beyond recreational opportunities. It allows for field rotation and maintenance schedules, catering to both local recreation players during the week and tournaments on weekends. This benefits current leagues, attracts outsiders to the community, and creates opportunities for local leagues to host tournaments.

This project stands as a strategic initiative that promises to invigorate economic growth and help alleviate the tax burden on residents. By attracting additional businesses to the area, the complex will create a vibrant commercial landscape, expanding the city’s commercial footprint. The infusion of new businesses translates to increased tax revenue, reducing the reliance on residential taxes that currently account for 92% of the city’s tax income. Moreover, hosting tournaments and events at the sports complex will draw visitors who, in turn, will contribute to the local economy by spending money on accommodations, dining, and entertainment. This influx of visitor spending ensures that more funds are retained within Palm Coast, supporting essential city services and fostering a cycle of economic vitality that benefits both residents and visitors alike.

Following the presentation, the City Council shared support for proceeding with this project, which has the potential to be an economic driver, bringing more businesses to Palm Coast. It’s important to note that the City Council emphasized the importance of seeking private funding sources to move this project forward, ensuring a positive and sustainable impact on the community.

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