City to Lease Space at Daytona Regional Chamber HQ

City to Lease Space at Daytona Regional Chamber HQ

Many communities talk about fostering public/private partnerships, but the city of Daytona Beach is putting its money where its mouth is – literally. City commissioners approved a lease agreement with the Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce earlier this month to house members of the economic development staff in the Chamber’s renovated headquarters.

The arrangement will begin after the renovations are completed, anticipated to occur April 1, according to Nancy Keefer, Chamber executive director.

According to a city staff report, the partnership aligns with the strategic priorities of developing the city’s economic strength “through the cooperative efforts of higher education, business development, entrepreneurs, manufacturing and technology, and infrastructure advancements.”

The lease terms include the costs of finishing the office space at cost not to exceed $150,000 and a monthly payment of $5,800 for an initial period of three years.

The purpose for locating economic development staff to the Chamber building is “to enable the Chamber and the city to cooperate more closely with one another in furthering their common goal of advancing economic development of the local community,” according to the staff report.

Keefer said the Chamber and the city share a common mission to advance economic development in the community.

“We believe this partnership will further strengthen the work on behalf of local and future businesses in our area,” she said. “It also signifies the city’s commitment to area businesses by working with the Chamber even more strategically and intentionally.”

Keefer said the lease agreement will help efforts to attract new business development to the area.

“The Chamber receives inquiries from businesses looking to relocate or expand in the area and works with the city and our recruitment partner Team Volusia to bring these opportunities to fruition,” she said. “By relocating the city’s economic development personnel to the chamber, this creates a ‘one-stop’ location for advancement of economic development and business support services in the city.”

Keefer said the renovations will also feature more than 5,600 square feet of meeting, collaboration and training space.

“Additionally, we will feature a podcast/video studio as well as an area for people to plug in computers in a semi-private area,” she said. “Controlled access to the building will allow for meetings outside of the Chamber’s normal operating hours.”