Community Service Means Good Business

How does your community look?
Chances are it needs help with litter control!

With the amount of trash littered on the roadside every day, individual involvement is becoming increasingly important. Find out how you, your business or your organization can help keep Volusia beautiful by volunteering to adopt a road!

Full trash bags, clean roads and smiles all around. The Adopt a Road program is more than just cleaning up litter.Volunteers doing their part to keep Volusia Beautiful.

The Volusia County Adopt a Road Program is a litter reduction campaign designed to remove litter and debris from Volusia County roads and improve the quality of the environment. Besides presenting a poor appearance, litter and trash can cause traffic hazards and affect drainage. Volunteer involvement is increasingly beneficial in efforts to keep Volusia beautiful. This program establishes a partnership among volunteers, businesses, organizations and Volusia County Public Works by working together in litter control efforts along roadways. Some of the notable businesses that participate include Davita Labs and Highland Park Fish Camp.

A volunteer leading by example. one wrapper at a time.

The program is a way to provide community service, demonstrate community pride, and make a positive statement for a clean and attractive community. It has proven highly effective in demonstrating personal responsibility and changing attitudes regarding littering.

Who can adopt?

Any local community organization, school group or business group, as well as individuals 18 and older may adopt a road.

Guidelines for adoption include an agreement to clean at least one mile or the entire length of the adopted road’s right of way four times a year for at least two years.

Full trash bags, clean roads and smiles all around. The Adopt a Road program is more than just cleaning up litter.

The Volusia County Adopt a Road Program owes its popularity and success to its many dedicated volunteers. By working together, we build a sense of community pride, leading to cleaner and safer places to live. When we build a sense of community, we are building a better tomorrow.

The Road and Bridge Division maintains 1,083.5 miles of roadways in the unincorporated area of Volusia County. We currently have 71.3 miles of county maintained roads adopted.

To learn more about how to Adopt a Road, visit


A new organization has been formed to guide people who may be stuck in the cycle of generational poverty, keeping them from being able to buy a home of their own.

Homes Bring Hope gathers to celebrate a new homeowner, Petra Smiley.
Petra Smiley, Homes Bring Hope’s first client.

Generational poverty – poverty that prevails from one generation to the next – can keep generation after generation paying rent and keeping homeownership out of reach. Homes Bring Hope is a forum for collaboration of community leaders, businesses, organizations and philanthropists who work to help hard-working people qualify for homeownership and guide them through the complexities of buying a home of their own.

The organization was founded by community and business leader Forough Hosseini, who is well known for her efforts in support of students who may be dealing with homelessness and food insecurity. Her other organizations, Food Brings Hope and VCan have helped thousands of students by providing stability, clearing the way for them to achieve their full potential. She has been leading these efforts for nearly fifteen years.

Homes Bring Hope completes the sale of it’s first home.

Homes Bring Hope works with homebuilders, remodelers, real estate professionals, surveyors, governments, non-profit organizations and others to guide clients to home ownership. Collaborators work to hammer down costs typically associated with the homebuying process. Along the way, clients are briefed on the challenges – and joys – of homeownership, so there are no surprises. Homes are sold to clients at cost. In some instances, home mortgage payments could come in lower than the rent clients had been paying.

Homes Bring Hope already has completed the sale of its first home and has two more closings scheduled for this summer, a rapid start on its lofty goal of completing twelve sales in its first twelve months of operation.

Homeownership opens the door for homeowners to build home equity and generate wealth. This is cited by the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Florida Prosperity Initiative as the best way to break the cycle of generational poverty.

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