Daytona Beach Set to Amend Outdoor Seating Standards

There are few things beachier than sitting outside at a café or bistro to enjoy a meal or a beverage and enjoy the scenery. But while the image of outdoor dining adds to the charm of an area – especially a vacation destination such as Daytona Beach – some standards are necessary.

Daytona Beach city commissioners earlier this month began the process of amending the standards and conditions for outdoor seating areas with the first reading of a proposed ordinance.

According to the staff report on the item, the city is considering a modification of the codes for use of city-controlled property for outdoor seating areas “as an accessory use to eating and drinking establishments” with some restrictions.

The proposed ordinance would create an approval process in the form of a revocable license agreement between the city and business operators, and could also include allowances for the installation of a fence or other barricade consistent with city policy.

“City review and approval of the proposed layout and use of the license area is required,” the staff report said. “City review of the proposed use includes, but is not limited to, the area to be designated for the license agreement, design aesthetics, public safety and avoidance of an undue risk of damage to city sidewalks or other property.”

City Planning Director Dennis Mrozek said the proposed ordinance only applies to eating and drinking establishments and does not include retail or other types of businesses.

City Manager Deric Feacher asked if the ordinance would include cigar lounges or other businesses that have outdoor seating.

“Not with this they’re not,” Mrozek said.

The city staff report said the proposal addresses a demonstrated community need and is consistent with the intent of zoning districts in the land development code.

“There is a community need to support local businesses by allowing them to utilize outdoor spaces effectively while ensuring public pathways remain accessible and safe as mandated by the (Americans with Disabilities Act) and other regulations,” the report said.

The report said the amendment would also help to promote mixed-use developments and enhance the economic viability of the city.

The City Commission will hold a second reading of the proposal June 19.