Did You Know A New Holiday May be on the Horizon?

A California cannabis company has added April 20 as a paid day off for its employees.

Long considered a day to celebrate cannabis and the legalization movement, Sacramento-based company Conception Nurseries is adding “420 Day” to its list of official holidays.

“The paid holiday is the company’s way of showing gratitude for the hard work and dedication of our employees,” said Kevin Brooks, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Conception Nurseries, in a media release.

From its roots as a countercultural code used by the cannabis community in the 1970s, “420” has grown into a universally recognized cultural symbol for cannabis. Amongst the industry and its advocates, the April 20th holiday has been observed for decades.

With 38 states adopting laws with some form of legal cannabis, the nearly $20 billion market employs more than 321,000 people and is one of the nation’s fastest-growing industries.