Did You Know Black Craft Brewers Form New Organization?

The craft brewing business accounted for nearly $29 billion in beer sales last year, which is nearly one-quarter of the $120 billion beer industry revenue in the U.S.  But of the nearly 10,000 craft brewers in the country, only about 1% are Black individuals, according to a media release.

At the recently concluded Annual Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville, a group of Black craft brewers announced the establishment of the National Black Brewers Association. The new group aims to promote the Black brewing community, increase the number of African-Americans in the industry and highlight the influence of African-Americans on brewing in the U.S.

“The launch of the National Black Brewers Association will create a more inclusive and vibrant beer industry by providing Black brewers access to the resources, mentorships, and networks needed to thrive,” said Kevin Johnson, founder of the National Black Brewers Association, in the release.

Source: National Black Brewers Association