Did you know consumers do their own CSI work at home?

Fans of the television show CSI and its spinoffs can now do a little scientific investigating of their homes.

According to a media release from 3M and San Francisco-based biotech company Phylagen, consumers concerned about the cleanliness of their living spaces can perform a home cleaning efficacy test. The technology checks for microbial levels in the home, including the kitchen and bathroom, by sampling surfaces.

The companies’ Clean Scan system measures the effectiveness of cleaning routines and tests for total bacterial quality, common mold and listeria as well as influenza and Covid-19.

Dr. Jessica Green, founder and CEO of Phylagen, said the partnership with 3M’s Scotch-Brite brand brings state-of-the-art science to consumers.

“Through our collaboration with Scotch-Brite, we are able to bring this type of microbial data and insight to consumers for the first time ever, using technology that was once only available to scientists within a lab setting,” Green said in the release.

The product is in a pilot launch phase and a limited quantity is available for purchase on Amazon.