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Check off another box on the road to the robot apocalypse.

A British tech firm, Small Robot Company, recently announced a milestone in the development of what they call “robotic soil health intelligence.”

The technology aims to provide farmers with accurate soil health monitoring at large scale to maximize yields and minimize the use of chemicals, according to a company media release.

The company has three farming robots, Tom, Dick and Harry, as part of its efforts to use robotics and artificial intelligence to create a model for “ecologically harmonious, efficient and profitable farming,” according to the release.

Sam Watson-Jones, co-founder and president of Small Robot, said the company’s work is focused on changing agriculture to meet the challenges of the 21sst century.

“Developing farming systems that can regenerate soil health at scale has to be one of our highest priorities,” he said in the release. “Farming is seeing a big shift from intensively managing the soil to regeneratively managing the soil.”

The company is also developing robots that can kill weeds with electricity rather than chemical pesticides. Small Robot hopes to launch its full system of robots by 2023.