Did You Know scammers are getting creative with deceptions?

In the eternal battle between consumers and scammers, like in competitive sports, it all comes down to offense and defense. With online scams,  , and ransomware, it can seem as if consumers are constantly making a goal-line stand at the last firewall.

It’s bad enough that only one side follows the rulebook. What makes it even worse is that the other side uses those rules to cheat.

According to a recent Federal Trade Commission press release, a Texas-based credit repair company filed fake identity theft complaints with the FTC and then told customers their bad credit reports were due to those same complaints. Adding insult to financial injury, the company used the FTC’s Identifytheft.gov website to file the false complaints.

The company also required customers to pay an up-front fee of $1,500 before providing any services.

A federal judge issued an injunction against the company, and a complaint filed by the U.S. Department of Justice is pending.

Good job Federal Trade Commission. But it makes you wonder what is coming next?