Did You Know the Pajama Market is Worth Billions?

One of the most popular features of the work-from-home life is doing your job in your pajamas. And the global sleepwear and loungewear industry is reaping the benefits.

According to Technavio, a technology research and advisory company, the sleepwear market is expected to grow by nearly $39 billion in the next four years. The growth is being driven by increased demand for designer products, along with a rise in the use of sustainable manufacturing.

The biggest threat to industry growth is the presence of counterfeit products on the market, according to the Technavio report.

“The sleepwear and loungewear market is experiencing significant growth with consumers prioritizing comfort and style,” the report said. “Top trends include comfortable fabrics like cotton and polyester, sleeveless and loose-fitting designs and durable materials for longevity.”

The industry is also impacted by social media influencers, industry experts and celebrities and the market is also driven by changing demographics and the growing trend of working from home, according to the report.