Did you know the Trapper Keeper is back for Back to School?

The new normal at school this fall will include an old friend.

Dayton, Ohio-based Mead has announced the Trapper Keeper is back, a mainstay for a generation of students trying to keep track of their homework or trying to make a fashion statement.

The notebook organizer, first introduced in 1978, returns with new designs, and yes, with the iconic Velcro closer.

According to a media release, more than 7.5 million Trapper Keepers have been sold since it hit the school supply aisle. And while students may not be familiar with the item, many of their parents likely owned one or two of them.

Described as one of the first student organization systems, the Trapper Keeper was an innovation when it came out, featuring folders with vertical pockets, metal binder rings, a metal clip on the back and an inside pocket for extra storage for the low-tech side of high school.

Maybe next they will bring back the rainbows and unicorns option.