Did you know the United States Census Bureau can help your business?

While Census Bureau statistics might seem to be of interest to government agencies, academics and mathematicians, small-business owners, entrepreneurs and startups can take advantage of tailored programs designed to assist businesses in understanding their markets and planning for the future.

The data is organized so businesses can take advantage of specific demographic elements of their markets without being an expert in statistical analysis. The free webinars are available through the Bureau’s Census Academy and offer ways to use Census data for a variety of reasons, including developing a business plan and supporting grant proposals. 

A recent free Census webinar highlighted a tool, the Census Business Builder, that allows business owners to access official data more easily. Existing businesses can also use the tool for current demographic data for their customer base after the pandemic.

The July webinars include an update on the Census Business Builder tool, as well as a new feature to the program that lets users track industry clusters and new data updates from the American Community Survey. Other webinars will explore Census data on leisure activities and business formation statistics.

For more information, go to census.gov.