Does Your Business Have a Strong Brand?

Have you thought about the impact your brand has on a local level? You can increase your brand awareness, regardless of the size of your business. Making smart use of these essential business tools will garner long-term business growth in Volusia County and beyond!

1. Company Logo and Business Identity

Your logo is the fi rst thing people see and recognize. It’s important to display it consistently. Quality logos aren’t just for the big players!

2. Business Brand

Your brand is the feeling you give customers. A strong brand stems from your knowledge of how you can best serve your market.

3. Personal Brand

Transparency is trending, which means your customers

want to get to know the people behind your business.

Communicate openly and show them who you are!

4. Website

First impressions last. A website with a responsive design lets customers make immediate decisions to purchase from your company, from any device.

5. Content Marketing

Make your online content count with keywords. Directing people to the value and solutions you offer will garner you loyal customers.

You must have valuable content that gives people a reason to want to visit your site or social media pages. Without that, you will be forgettable.

6. Social Media

Social media is essential in today’s market. Visual communication of your company’s brand helps you connect and resonate with followers.

7. Advertising

Be authentic and find your style. Highlighting your uniqueness across platforms will set you apart.

8. Database

An email list can be invaluable. A well-used database of contact information will maximize your customer engagement.

  • Give people a reason to subscribe to your email list
  • Make subscribing to your list easy
  • Let your subscriber know what to expect
  • Make your emails mobile friendly

9. Network

Being a part of business life outside of your office will give you the opportunity to build a lasting reputation.

10 Charity

Involvement in charities shows that you care and gives you a chance to interact with the community you serve.

Many small businesses believe that a strong brand is irrelevant or unnecessary on a local level. If you’re making this mistake, the good news is that you can increase your brand awareness. Make smart use of these essential business tools and reap the rewards of long-term business growth.


How to Build Brand Awareness for Your Business