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Interest in the life and legacy of Mary Mcleod Bethune has increased since the educator and civil rights activist was selected to represent Florida in the National Statuary Hall. A documentary film about the statue project is currently in production and a school curriculum is being developed for middle-school students to learn about Dr. Bethune’s life and work on behalf of women and minorities.

Several books have been written about her life, including titles for adults as well as children. The following is a select bibliography of resources to learn more about Mary Mcleod Bethune.


Essays and Speeches

Building a Better World: Essays and Selected Documents, edited by Audrey Thomas McCluskey and Elaine M. Smith



Mary Mcleod Bethune, by Malu Halassa

Mary Mcleod Bethune, by Bernice A. Poole

Mary Mcleod Bethune: A Biography – A Life Devoted to the Cause of Racial Equality, by Rackham Holt

Mary Mcleod Bethune, by Barbara A. Somervill

Mary Mcleod Bethune in Florida, by Ashley N. Robertson

The Life and Legacy of Mary Mcleod Bethune, by Nancy Ann Zrinyi Long

The College Built on Prayer: Mary Mcleod Bethune, by Jesse Walter Dees

Mary Mcleod Bethune: Her Own Words of Inspiration, by Florence Hicks

Mary Mcleod Bethune, by Bernice Anderson Poole

Mary Mcleod Bethune and the National Council of Negro Women, by Elaine M. Smith

Mary Mcleod Bethune, by Emma Gelders Sterne

Mary Mcleod Bethune: Matriarch of Black America, by Earl Devine Martin


Children’s Books

Mary Mcleod Bethune A Life of Resourcefulness, by Kristin Sterling

Mary Mcleod Bethune, by Margo McLoone

Mary Mcleod Bethune Voice of Black Hope, by Milton Meltzer

Cornerstones of Freedom: The Story of Mary Mcleod Bethune, by Patricia and Fred McKissack

Mary Mcleod Bethune: A Great American Educator, by Patricia McKissack

Mary Mcleod Bethune: Woman of Courage, by Patricia and Fred McKissack

Mary Mcleod Bethune: Empowering Educator, by Lissa Jones Johnston

Miss Mary Mcleod Bethune: Teacher, by Charlotte Thomas Durant

Mary Mcleod Bethune, by Eloise Greenfield


Online resources

National Council of Negro Women


National Women’s History Museum


Mary Mcleod Bethune Council House National Historic Site


The National WWII Museum


Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project


Florida Memory


VISIT: Tour the home of Dr. Bethune - 640 Dr Mary McLeod Bethune Blvd, Daytona Beach, FL 32114
REFLECT: View the burial site and memorial of Dr. Bethune Bethune-Cookman University campus in Daytona Beach, Florida

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