From the Chair & President

2018 has arrived and many of you have likely started the year with a plan in mind. It’s funny how when the calendar year changes, we give ourselves permission to reset and refresh for the year ahead. In this issue of Evolve, Here Today, Here Tomorrow: Building Successful Businesses Over Time, we congratulate and celebrate those who have survived multiple generations in their family business and those who realize the importance of building a sustainable plan for their business. What a wonderful example we have as the lead article in this issue as Brown & Brown execute their vision for not only their company but for our community.

No matter what the size of your business, it is very important to take time to think about your business goals. Much of the success we hear about with businesses that have survived the start-up phase or made it through economic downturns have one thing in common, they have documented their goals in a written plan.

Here at the Chamber, we have an annual business plan that serves as our roadmap to keep our hundreds of committee volunteers focused on the Chamber’s mission during the year ahead. In addition, we look out into the future of our community to make sure we stay relevant and focused on issues and opportunities that will impact the success of our members. We do this through a three-year Strategic Plan.

Plans can take on many forms depending on the scope and size of the business. Some will be very detailed and professionally produced, while others will be a one page plan, simply outlining a few strategic priorities that will lead to success. Regardless of the complexity or the formal nature of the plan, you cannot just produce it and put it away until the end of the year and then wonder why you didn’t meet the goals. Plans need to be looked at regularly through the course of your planning timeline, and those plans that include accountability and measurable goals will be the most successful.

There are many resources available to help you develop a business plan that will lead you to success. It might be a consultant with years of success in building businesses, a local college or university, the Small Business Development Center or SCORE.

Your success is important to a vibrant and growing business community. Our hope is that one of these stories inspires you to develop a plan that will ensure your continued presence in our community for years to come.


Skip Lilly Chairman Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce Vision H.R., Inc.


Nancy P. Keefer CCE President & CEO Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce