From the Chair & President

Technology use undoubtedly varies based on the needs of each or ganization. Some may rely heavily on well-placed, online information to power their marketing strategies and sell products and services. Others may use specific applications or social media to enhance sales initiatives or increase brand exposure. Most use technology to handle critical day-to-day business functions like communication, bookkeeping, payroll, inventory control, and project management. Many depend on technology to do all of these things and more. Today all businesses must have a technology strategy in place.

A solid part of any business initiative is determining what will work among a myriad of options—technology choices are enough to make your head spin! Marketing, security, cloud use, proper storage and destruction of information along with the actual systems themselves are all areas of great concern and equally provide opportunities for leadership. The business outlook must also consider global markets as technology has all but eliminated geographical boundaries. Understanding your options and which processes your business needs to stay competitive is critical to successfully navigating this exciting (and somewhat daunting) new world.

Using technology in your business is an inescapable reality. While it is impossible to answer every question within these pages, we are pleased to offer experience-based guidance from our guest writers. These writers are local Chamber members working in the technology industry. We are grateful to have so many companies that help other local businesses handle everything from equipment, cyber security, social media strategies, proper recycling and much, much more, share their expertise with us.

The Chamber itself is also a great resource, providing workshops and programs that focus on helping you understand emerging technologies and providing real examples of how it has changed the way we do business. Better yet, we give you access to experts who deal with this fast changing technology every day. They can all be found on our website. Just visit and click on our  business directory.

The pace of technological change has been astounding, and there is more to come. We encourage our members to embrace all that is available while engaging in the many new forms of social communication. As we continue to work together to ensure the success of existing and new businesses in our region, we hope this issue provides you with insights to help grow your business and embrace our global economy.


TERESA RAND Chair, Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Volusia Flagler Family YMCA


NANCY KEEFER President & CEO Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce