From the Chair & President

In this ever-changing world for companies, regardless of industry, it is critical to be cognizant of national and global trends impacting consumer behavior. The choices people make about where and what they buy is the crux of business. So when “green practices and sustainability” was discussed as this Evolve issue’s theme, it seemed important to explore a trend that appears to be influencing consumer perceptions.

According to a Nielsen Global Survey performed early 2015, respondents reported they are trying to be environmentally responsible so it is expected for corporations to do the same. When it comes to what they choose to buy, survey respondents revealed they will check labels; research websites for information on “green friendly” business and manufacturing practices; and, pay attention to public opinion on specific brands in the news or on social media. Upcoming generations are already labeled and expected to favor companies with an environmentally-friendly bottom line, incorporating this into their overall business model so much so that this trend appears to be a harbinger of the future of commerce.

Fortunately, another study by MIT’s Sloan Management Review reported nearly a third of companies polled agreed that the adoption of sustainable practices has added to their profitability. Going green and remaining competitive can garner positive returns on investments. Whatever the motivation is behind businesses going green and implementing sustainable practices, these efforts – from a business perspective – make good financial sense.

At the Daytona Regional Chamber, we are advocates for business and we welcome innovations that can positively impact your bottom line and ensure your own sustainability. With that, we hope you enjoy this exploration into the aspects of how green can mean business.


Eric Peburn Chairman Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Halifax Health


Nancy P. Keefer CCE President & CEO Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce