From the Editor

One of the biggest challenges facing many business owners today is acquiring, retaining and developing talent. As we were putting this issue together, we found that many businesses are moving away from roles such as VP of Human Resources and VP of Personnel to new roles, such as VP of Talent and Culture, that reflect the importance of intellectual capital, skills and organizational culture in achieving business success. This issue of Evolve is about the changing trends in workforce education and training.

We think you’ll find the articles and resource guides helpful in understanding how your employees learn, and the changes in learning styles as we mature. A great reference that came from our research to produce this issue is the “How Millennials Learn” quick reference tool on page 10. As Millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce, your company can benefit from not only knowing this but also responding to it.

In our last issue we launched “The Road Ahead” as a consistent theme in each issue to look at trends. In the Manufacturing issue Jayne Fifer, president and CEO of VMA inaugurated the concept. Robin King, president and CEO of CareerSource continues “The Road Ahead” theme with her article on page 22, which offers a look at regional growth trends that are impacting workforce education and training. A special thank you to Robin King and her staff at CareerSource for their support in developing the content for this issue!

In this issue we are launching another new repeating article: “Our Characters” – A profile of the people who make Volusia County unique! If you know someone unique we should profile, send an email to Of course, you can even nominate yourself!

We hope you enjoy this issue, but more importantly we hope that you learn something new or refresh what you already know that will help you to acquire, retain and grow the talent your business needs to succeed.

HOWARD M. HOLLEY Publisher and Editor, EVOLVE