From The Editor

A Call to Action
2020 has certainly been a challenging year for our community––every person, every business, every teacher and student, every healthcare professional and patient, and every first responder! Our community has witnessed disease and suffering never seen before in our lifetimes. And for those who were in need before the onset of the pandemic, the burden has been particularly heavy.

I believe the people of Flagler County can act now and join together, reach out and get involved with organizations helping those people struggling to live their dreams.There is no better time for businesses (large and small) to help build our community. We can commit to improving the health and welfare of everyone in Flagler County through our involvement and our businesses.

Perhaps you have an interest in helping the homeless. Maybe environmental issues or improving educational outcomes for all students, especially those considered at-risk of graduating, are more compelling. Frankly, the needs are many. Whatever your passion, I urge you to get involved and make it known. It’s good business practice, not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because your customers are aware of their purchase decisions, and are interested in company Social Responsibility activities that impact their Community.

According to the Florida Chamber, since 2012, 60% of all net new jobs in Florida have been created by companies with less than 100 employees, reminding us of the importance of small businesses to Flagler County’s economy. Sometimes, we forget the impact of one job to a family, a student living in poverty or one struggling academically. We look to all businesses, national brands and local small businesses to advertise your social responsibility strategy and make a difference to someone you probably don’t know.

We can wait for initiatives from federal and state governments, or we can challenge Flagler County businesses to demonstrate the way forward! I believe, together, we can provide opportunities that help others fulfill their dreams. Let Flagler County lead the way!


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