From the Editor FEB19

Some might say ‘arts and culture’ is an interesting topic for a business publication, but it is a theme our editorial committee approached with enthusiasm–eager to highlight the symbiotic relationship between business and arts and culture. 

In the article, Arts & Business – Philanthropy at Its Finest, we highlight the role some of our community’s most prominent business leaders have played in supporting the arts in our community. They have helped to establish some of our most beloved institutions. In the article, Cultural Amenities: An Important Part of the Equation, we shine a light on the special role the arts and culture play in helping to attract businesses to the county and retain talent in our area.

We were surprised to learn just how much economic impact arts and culture provides. In the article, Pushing the Boundaries: The Economy of Arts & Culture, we take a look at the numbers. Sandy Shaughnessy, Director of the Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs, also talks about the impact of arts and culture, exploring the numbers and beyond, as our guest writer of The Road Ahead.

We have included an article on our area’s institutions of higher learning and their work to educate the next generation of artists and those working in arts related fields. You’ll learn that local businesses are playing a part in that effort as well. 

Finally, we highlight two County programs supporting arts and culture–one of which will soon end, if efforts aren’t made to keep it in place.

There is no doubt about it, ‘arts and culture’ contributes to the vibrancy of our community, helping to ensure Volusia County is a wonderful place to live, learn, work, and play. It’s also clear that businesses in the area play a crucial role in ensuring ‘arts and culture’ in the County continues to thrive. It’s truly an important partnership.

John Guthrie
Editor, EVOLVE