From the Editor

Buckle up and get ready to read our second issue—Driving Business! This issue’s theme has a special meaning for Volusia County. The automotive racing industry is a cornerstone of Volusia County’s economy, and this issue includes a timeline of significant racing developments to capture some of the industry’s rich heritage.

The racing industry has helped to fuel tourism and to increase the torque for other businesses that call Volusia County home. Our feature article on Randy Dye, an owner of several automotive dealerships at the Daytona Auto Mall, provides just one example of the many business successes along this theme. You will also read about several new development projects underway, powering future growth by delivering new choices for retail, events, and lodging to the area. An Against All Odds interview with Greg McNair, owner-operator of Beach Mobility Rentals, LLC, which rents all terrain wheelchairs, brings a unique perspective to our Driving Business theme.

But Driving Business in Volusia County is about more than the racing and automotive industries. Successful business owners and managers throughout the county steer their businesses forward everyday, carefully maneuvering curves and speed bumps, to get ahead. In this issue, we cover a variety of topics that can help you enhance your skills, including applying leadership development fundamentals, improving business communications, boosting sales, and finding business skill-development opportunities. Each of these articles provides tips and resources to help keep your business running smoothly and boost your business horsepower.

As always, we are committed to continuous improvement and welcome your feedback. If you have any other comments or suggestions, please contact A dialogue with our readers is the best way to achieve our goal to meet your needs with relevant, timely, and practical information for Volusia County businesses.