From the Editor NOV16

Technology—it quite literally never gets old! We live in an era driven by “the next best thing” when it comes to hardware, software, and connectivity, and transitioning business technology is an ever-present theme. Smaller gadgets, faster processing speeds, and wireless communication accelerate our adoption of technology as an extension of ourselves. A key takeaway from this issue is that technology choices are inherently driven by enduring business principles, such as entrepreneurial leadership, great customer service, a well-defined market and brand, a sustainable growth plan, and responsible management.

Our feature article highlights the journey of a successful Volusia County technology firm from the dawn of the personal computer age to today’s cloud computing and mobile connectivity. This issue also gives you some insight into what are arguably the most transformative of recent business trends: cloud computing and digital marketing. Cloud computing untethers your business from traditional constructs of place and time. Digital marketing supplies endless innovation potential for customers to experience your business and interact with your brand. Articles in this issue cover the “hows” and “whys” of cloud computing, network connectivity, data security, and hot new marketing tools.

We are also excited to be able to bring this issue to life with the help of the LARA augmented reality app and your smart device! Just follow the instructions on pages 15 and 21 to download the app, and then look for the LARA icon on pages throughout the magazine. Enjoy the LARA experience and transform some of our static pictures into augmented, interactive graphics! You can start by pointing your device’s camera at the globe on the cover!