From The Editor - August 2022

Our friend Big John always said Volusia County’s greatest export was our children! So true, but here in the “Great Reflection,” we are learning that the purpose we crave can be found right here in Daytona Beach and Volusia County––hence our focus on Recruiting Young Talent.

As Robin King of Career Source shared with us, more people are employed in Volusia County now than before the pandemic gripped our world. Interesting. While some sectors of the workforce haven’t recovered, many of our new residents brought their jobs with them.

In this issue of EVOLVE, we continue to shine a light on success and the joys of finding purpose right here in the area. It seems one secret to finding new employees is to provide candidates with a clear picture of the place and its purpose. Jayson Meyer and the team at Synergy Billing are proof of that. Meyer also focuses on little things like great coffee and birthdays off for his team members. Little things can make a big difference in the culture of your organizations.

In the article ‘Happy and Here to Stay,’ we see two business owners who found fulfillment in working for themselves in businesses launched right here in Volusia County. Both businesses have been blessed with the right time and right place and are performing very well. Kenneth Grant Inzpirations is a husband-and-wife duo collaborating to make great portraits, art and a difference in our community. Sovereign 63 has helped to push the local food scene to delicious new heights.

In our Editor’s Roundtable, you can read about the new way recruiters are thinking about enticing and hiring the younger generation. It is about place, purpose and stewardship. Speaking of a new way to position recruiting, the Volusia Sheriff Department’s academy has seen great success in bringing law enforcement officers from other places and has done a great job of educating the public about how fulfilling a career in Volusia County law enforcement can really be. The department has purposefully leveraged its brand, mission and culture–better than many private companies do–to recruit new talent. What can we learn from thinking outside the box and outside the county?

Finally, back to Big John and how we can guide our students; the Volusia County Schools, the Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce and Volusia Flagler Career Source are to be commended for partnering with YouScience to help our students identify their skills and talents and careers that align with both. This initiative gives students, who have been told they can do anything, a starting place to explore what their future can be.

I hope you enjoy this issue and that it sparks some thought around how you present your organization when you are recruiting your next-generation workforce.

We have a lot to do.