From The Editor

Space, the final frontier! I grew up, as many have, watching Star Trek in my brother’s room on a 9-inch black and white TV every Sunday. I remember wondering if space exploration beyond the moon could really happen. Well, fast forward 40 some years and we are well on our way.

After 11 years without human space flight originating at the Cape, we are back––and, as you’ll see in this issue, it means more to our future than many may realize.

I am especially grateful to Mayor Larry Kelly and journalist Mark Lane for putting the General Electric days in perspective in the article New Space Race an Old Frontier for Daytona Beach. As our industry grows to support the Cape, let’s make sure we are watching where the satellite is headed not just where it takes off. Losing GE was a huge blow, but many great people stayed in the area and have made Daytona Beach better.

One of the keys to our success is going to be the legislative and leadership support we have. In our Q&A with Senator Tom Wright, you can see that industry and government are aligning for growth, and location, location, location is in our favor. 

Not only is this great space movement impacting the economy, but our institutions of higher education are working to prepare the workforce of the future. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University leads the world, not only in aviation but also in all the support services necessary to seek out new life and new civilizations!

Although there were some initial concerns this issue of EVOLVE might not have relevance for small business, I firmly believe we have to focus on what can be, not only on what is right now. I encourage you to look at your business to see if there is room for you in the space race––sewing, parts, pieces, technology, human factors and more.

One thing is certain, if we can plug wholeheartedly into this endeavor, we will lift all boats.

Beam me up, Scotty! 

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