From The Editor – Winter 2023

For the love of pets!

They surround us, hound us and remind us that unbridled love exists. Businesses have caught on to the love of pets, and that business is BIG! The business of pets in the USA is a growing $260+ billion industry, and Volusia County, like the rest of the nation, has some business gems to contribute to this massive industry. In this issue, The Business of Pets, the board and writers look at the businesses that walk, train and even provide comfort in the last moments of a pet’s life.

The Fish Tank has been a passion and staple in Volusia County for over 40 years, and the desire to carry on the tradition of aquatic pets is clear. From that first fish to the saltwater tanks, The Fish Tank has been educating and supplying our area with the best for years.

I am always fascinated when I visit a big city and observe a “professional dog walker” calmly leading 10 dogs on a stroll. For five years, Nicole Damico’s company, Keys and Collars, has taken caring for dogs to a new level with 475 clients who rely on her for bathroom breaks, pet sitting and a stroll in the neighborhood.

Finally, this issue focuses on the passing of our pets and grief counseling. Let’s face it, our pets are part of the family, and I always say, “you can’t have the good times without the difficult times.” When a pet is ready to cross that bridge, there are services to make that transition easier for the whole family and in the article, Attentive Care Provides Comfort at the End of a Pet’s Journey, Dr. Mendez and Karen Beck Frate, PhD help us understand the experience of those last days.

We love our pets. They make us laugh, cry and wonder just what they are thinking. For the many entrepreneurs who have chosen to serve people and their pets, I am thankful.

Enjoy this issue, and I will see you at the dog park!