From the Editor

In this issue of EVOLVE we examine Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – what it means, why it’s critical to the bottom line and how it’s being implemented in companies across Volusia County.

Although there are many definitions of CSR, nearly all of them include a company’s “responsibility” to its people, its community, and the environment. In this issue we cover those areas and more.

In Corporate Social Responsibility-Putting the Focus on Employees we interviewed several local leaders about how their organizations’ CSR strategies shape the way they work with their employees–sometimes in surprising ways. In the Enduring Story of Costa Del Mar, we take a look at how sustainability is more than just a buzz word for one of the industry’s leading makers of sunglasses.

We have also included several articles offering the nonprofit perspective – Project Search, United Way Makes A Way and Why Your Giving Matters – that will help you understand the important role companies are playing in supporting the community while providing food for thought on ways your organization is able to lend a hand.

And, in Creating a CSR Plan the Right Way, you’ll find steps for creating and implementing your own CSR strategy.

In addition, we are pleased to share the results from our first audience survey. After three years in print, we appreciate the feedback and look forward to continuing to provide you with content that is interesting, informative, relevant and inspirational.

Thank you for your continued support and happy reading.

John Guthrie Editor, EVOLVE