From The Publisher

Given all we have collectively gone through in the past 20 months or so, the selection of this issue’s theme of Healthcare seemed particularly appropriate.

As you read the articles though, you’ll notice that our focus is not just on the coronavirus but also on the changes that the industry is experiencing such as telemedicine, functional medicine and self-care. We also wanted to shine a light on some of the healthcare investments being made on the First Coast.

During one of our content team meetings, we discussed how we thought the business and entrepreneur community would respond to the content. It is a constant discussion because our audience is always at the top of our minds and our primary focus. It’s probably worth noting that the Editorial Board selects themes with the same focus in mind – our business and entrepreneur community.

When you read the article Healthy Growth, it will reinforce what we all know which is that one of the fastest-growing industries in Florida is Healthcare. The investments being made by the five (5) organizations profiled in the article total over $xxx Million and will create over xxx jobs. For our readers, we don’t answer the question of what opportunity there is for your business. Instead, we highlight where investments are being made, jobs are being created, and we take a look at innovative trends that are emerging. Clearly, there are business opportunities within the healthcare industry and the communities where they are expanding that may offer growth opportunities or expansion into new markets or offerings.

Enjoy the enclosed copy of the First Coast Region Edition of EVOLVE – Healthcare Issue! As always, our goal is to “SHINE A LIGHT ON SUCCESS.”

On behalf of the EVOLVE and TouchPoint Teams, I send our best wishes for a Happy and Prosperous 2022!