Lisa Valentine
HCA Florida Orange Park Hospital

What are the biggest challenges your company/organization faces today and how do you expect to address them?

Similar to hospitals across the country, staff burnout and their mental health is something we’re really focused on. At the end of the day, we’re in this business to take care of people and our people are just as important as our patients. HCA Florida Orange Park Hospital is fortunate to be part of HCA Healthcare, the largest healthcare network in the country, which provides us with a tremendous amount of resources for our state.

How has the experience of the past few years changed your expectations for growth?

Watching our team accomplish great things such as earning a spot in the top 5 hospitals for critical care in the state, being ranked in the top 5% of hospitals in the country for maternity care and earning a spot in America’s Top 250 Hospitals, all while pushing through the challenges of COVID-19 has been inspiring. Growth is much more than expanding our physical footprint or adding new services. Over the past couple of years, many staff learned new skills while helping out their colleagues in other departments and everyone was put to the test of providing safe quality care to some very sick patients. Watching that growth has been more rewarding than any expansion or building we’ve added to our health system over the past couple of years.

That said, we are expanding our facility to meet the growing needs of our community.  HCA Florida Orange Park Hospital is expanding its Intensive Care Unit with the addition of 20 ICU beds, adding to its existing 28 ICU beds In addition to that expansion, we will be adding 48 private patient rooms to accommodate the increasing demand for health care services in the county. We will also have a new freestanding emergency room opening in Middleburg this fall to meet the needs of ER care in that area.

An organization’s culture flows from the top down. What leadership skills do you find effective in promoting the agency’s mission and vision to employees, clients and customers?

I am grateful and privileged to be in the healthcare field where living our mission is such a visible part of who we are and what we do.  Communication and, most importantly, listening along with recognition and gratitude are critical skills in promoting mission and vision.  Our team also needs to be encouraged and recognized when they are performing well.  We have a variety of ways we do this from recognizing and thanking staff and providers in the moment to thank you notes, recognition points systems, surprise awards for exceptional service, and annual humanitarian awards. 

What closing comments or counsel would you offer to emerging business leaders and entrepreneurs to continue their path to success?

Evaluate what is most important to you in a job early in your career and reevaluate those factors periodically.  Be honest with yourself about what you love to do and then go do it.  Understand that hard work is the key to success and that shortcuts or titles don’t necessarily equate to achievement or happiness.  At the end of the day, our time is limited, and we should do something we are passionate about and committed to do.