LIVE, WORK, PLAY Concept: Bringing the PLAY side to life!

Cities across America have them, and they’re so well-known, they’re destinations unto themselves.

From The Magnificent Mile in Chicago to Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles to Times Square in New York City, they’re places people want to be and be seen. Even locally, it’s Ormond’s Historic Arts District on Granada Boulevard and St. George Street in St. Augustine that are among the area’s notable destinations.

At the heart of each of these destinations, whether it’s a building, tower, theater or bridge, there is one iconic location that serves as the anchor around which all others orbit. With an exquisitely modern architectural design, the clean, crisp lines of the retail, restaurant and office space in the Town Center Development will make it the cornerstone of Town Center’s Entertainment District.  

Strategically located within the City of Palm Coast’s Innovation District, the Entertainment District is part of the designated Opportunity Zone, where Kickstart Innovation District incentives, in place through December 31, 2021, have helped to stimulate the desired economic development as identified by the city’s ‘live, work, play’ vision for Town Center.

With more than a thousand families slated to call the district home within the next two years and the creation of a variety of residential developments either completed or currently underway, the area is primed for groundbreaking retail, restaurant, and office/business opportunities.

The Entertainment District parcel design allows for Phase I, II and III to develop in a way that complements the community’s steady growth by offering local business owners and entrepreneurs an opportunity to become investors in their own community.

“People want to buy and own. You can buy a 20 x 55 square ft. building [and] get your construction loan going to own it. You own wall to wall, alley to alley, lot line to lot line with your neighbor,” said Walker Douglas, broker associate for Douglas Property & Development.

“What that does is that it keeps money in Palm Coast. Instead of paying rent to Wall Street, your investment stays right here and you control your own destiny.”

Envisioning what is and what can be Town Center Entertainment District plans incorporates feedback from Flagler County’s next gen population into the design features to complement the mix of office, business, retail, and dining.

 Featured prominently at the four corners of CityPlace and Central Avenue, a centralized leisure and entertainment space offers visitors and residents a place to meet, relax or gather.

Dynamically designed floorplans allow tenants to maximize the vision for their business, as well, creating what Douglas anticipates will be a synergistic ecosystem within the Business and Entertainment District.

Designing what it means to live, work and play in Town Center, it’s everything you need, in one place.

“With Toll Brothers, Patayas Homes, three apartment communities, and[a] family under contract, we’ve taken care of the live side,” said Douglas. “We’re talking about the play side. That’s the restaurants [and] the arts. The work side, to me, is [asking] the next generation what they want. That’s the other third of what goes on in the Entertainment District. The office component is going to be thinking about what these students [the next generation] want for careers and the market will fill that need right there.”

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