Making the Most out of Meta Business Suite

The Meta Business Suite from Facebook parent company Meta is a free tool that has Facebook, Instagram and Messenger tools all in one place on a dashboard. Why is this a good thing? One of the ways is that it saves you time by not having to login to the three places separately, and it (tries) to keep you organized so you don’t miss a customer or future customer’s question or comment.

One of the most helpful tools is the Planner feature. The Planner is a built-in calendar that allows you to create and schedule posts and stories. You simply create the social media content, select the day and time that you’d like it to be posted, and schedule it to post. The planner will also populate the best-suggested time for your post to be scheduled, or you can select the time manually. It also allows you to manage your page’s comments, messages — including setting up instant replies and assigning the message to someone on your team — as well as create and manage paid ads.

You can also connect a variety of apps from The Meta Business Suite. Some features allow you to sell products or services, manage your inventory, and allow customers to make appointments. And speaking of customers, the Meta Business Suite allows you to include details on someone’s profile that has engaged with you such as contact information and creating a label like ‘customer’ or ‘prospect’,

But wait, there’s more! These are all great tools, but is anyone seeing what your posting? The analytics tools will tell. Complete with ad reporting and insights, learn about your audience trends, likes, reach, engagement, page views, clicks, your followers age and location, and see your top-performing content so you can do more of the same.