Palm Coast City Council Strategizes Fiscal Year 2025 Strategic Action Plan Priorities

Palm Coast City Council Strategizes Fiscal Year 2025 Strategic Action Plan Priorities

On Tuesday, the Palm Coast City Council took another step toward setting its strategic action plan priorities for Fiscal Year 2025. These priorities are intricately aligned with the organization’s focus on smart-managed growth, effective governance, and community well-being.

Dr. Saviak and Dr. Levey are facilitating the Strategic Action Planning initiative with the City Council and Administration. This initiative involves identifying specific and measurable objectives for the next 1-5 years.

Dr. Saviak led City Council through a collaborative process, through which the City Council tentatively identified twelve key priorities to guide its focus and allocation of resources in the coming year:

Objective #1: Identify savings and conduct a revenue and impact analysis to fund a property tax rollback for the coming fiscal year

Objective #2:  Conduct a solar evaluation of city assets to identify opportunities to utilize this energy source and achieve cost savings

Objective #3:  Design and implement a citywide plan for road repair and road safety

Objective #4:  Design and implement a citywide plan for swale maintenance and performance 

Objective #5: Continue saltwater canal dredging initiative 

Objective #6: Optimize citizen information from and engagement with city government and consistently ensure an excellent customer service response 

Objective #7:  Design and produce a capital improvement plan focused on technology for city government

Objective #8:  Enhance current economic development efforts to result in better paying jobs and attracting major employers such as healthcare

Objective #9:  Enhance transit options and citizens awareness of these services in partnership with the county government 

Objective #10: Enhance housing options for the workforce and senior citizens by conducting an assessment of current housing stock and considering available public policy options to increase supply

Objective #11: Identify a dedicated funding source for arts/cultural/historical activities and facilities 

Objective #12: Implement the Parks Master Plan   

These priorities were brought about through one-on-one interviews with the consultants and City Council Members, discussions with the administrative leadership team, and a survey conducted with all city staff members. Simultaneously, the city conducted the Palm Coast Community Survey through Polco, the National Citizen Survey, for all residents of the city. Results from all efforts will be utilized in adopting the final priorities on June 4, 2024, at 6 p.m.

Mayor David Alfin expressed enthusiasm for the comprehensive approach outlined by the City Council, emphasizing the importance of community collaboration and forward-thinking strategies in achieving Palm Coast’s vision for the future.

Tuesday’s meeting marked the initial City Council conversation on the consolidated Strategic Action Plan. There will be additional conversations related to these priorities throughout the budget season, before the budget is officially adopted in September 2024. The next Special Budget Workshop will be on May 28, 2024, at 9 a.m., followed by a business meeting on June 4, 2024, at 6 p.m.

To watch the discussion on the FY2025 Strategic Action Plan, please visit this link: (begins at 49:20)

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