Palm Coast Set for Next Phase of Imagine 2050

With the first three chapters of the Imagine 2050 Comprehensive Plan update, the city of Palm Coast is set to begin the next phase of the project, according to a media release.

“This significant milestone represents a culmination of our residents’ aspirations and a collective vision for the future of Palm Coast,” the release states. “It is a vision shaped by extensive community feedback gathered during various public engagement meetings and events since October 2023.”

The next four chapters for community review and input include items on public recreation and open space; conservation and coastal management; infrastructure; and housing.

According to the release, the city is committed in providing high-quality parks, recreation facilities, and open spaces for its residents. 

“With 9.9 acres of parkland per 1,000 residents and over 130 miles of connected trails, the city aims to link parks, natural areas, and neighborhoods through an interconnected network of greenways and multi-use paths,” the release states.

The 2050 Comprehensive Plan proposes an adopted level of service standard, identifies priority projects for the next five to 20 years such as new neighborhood parks and trail extensions, and outlines strategies like a new Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan to continue meeting recreational needs as the community grows. Funding sources like impact fees, grants, and public private partnerships will support implementation of the comprehensive plan’s recreation and open space goals.

The Conservation and Coastal Management Element provides a framework for protecting Palm Coast’s natural communities and resources and is divided into two main sections: Protection of Natural Resources and Natural Disaster Management, according to the release.

“Intergovernmental coordination, regulatory participation, groundwater protection, floodplain management, threatened and endangered species, and surface water quality management are emphasized within this element” the release states.

Infrastructure and growth issues are also part of the next phase in the Imagine 2050 process.

The infrastructure element of the comprehensive plan update highlights a strategy for managing sewer and water issues, soldi waste and stormwater facilities and services in line with future land use projections, according to the release.

Housing: Diverse Housing for Every Life Stage

The Housing Element is the fourth part of the new phase and aims to provide a diverse range of housing options for all life stages and income levels, from young adults to senior residents looking to age in place near amenities, according to the release.

“Protecting existing neighborhoods through buffers and compatibility analyses is prioritized, as is maintaining housing stock via code enforcement,” the release states. “State and federal funding will be pursued for housing programs, serving special needs groups like the elderly. The goal is to create housing opportunities dispersed throughout Palm Coast that are obtainable, accessible, and accommodate evolving resident needs.”