Ponte Vedra Named One of Top Corporate Relocation Sites

The Jacksonville Business Journal’s Stuart Korfhage recently reported that Ponte Vedra is the best spot for a new corporate headquarters operation in the eastern portion of the United States.  This information came from a study conducted by The Boyd Co., Inc., a location consulting firm in Round Rock, Texas.  Korfhage’s report stated, “The study says it reflects “new normal” remote working trends, examines state tax structures, operating costs and growing fiscal and quality of life challenges in historic hubs of head office concentration like New York, Chicago and San Francisco.”

The report’s cost analysis covers all major geographically variable cost factors critical to the corporate site selection process, including labor, real estate, construction, utilities, taxes and travel. Boyd analyzed cities from around the country and came up with a list of the top 30 for HQ locations, stretching from Washington to Florida.

Ponte Vedra, which includes Nocatee, came in as the lowest-cost option in the East. Boyd calculated the total annual operating cost at about $18.4 million. That number is based on based on the construction of a new Class-A, 75,000-square-foot corporate head office employing 200 administrative support workers. 


Source: Jacksonville Business Journal, January 17, 2023